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History CTG Glaucus Saraiva - english version

History of CTG Glaucus Saraiva

The Center of Traditions Gaucho Glaucus Saraiva integrates the Department of Folklore and Tradition of the Club Expeditionary Sergeant Geraldo Santana, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. Founded on October 20, 1983, the Clubs Center for Gaucho Traditions received its name in honor of the great Rio-Grandense traditionalist, Glaucus Saraiva da Fonseca, one of the creators of the Gaucho traditionalist movement, who had died recently. As a result of the responsibility of carrying a so expressive name of the gaúcha culture, for the past twenty-five years, the CTG Glaucus Saraiva has accumulated numerous awards and recognition from public and private institutions. Currently under the management of Patron Antônio Peres Fragoso, the CTG Glaucus Saraiva has groups of traditional dances in the category mirim (youngster), youth and xirú (veterans), and has several young talents in music and declamation.
Among the greatest traditionalist gauchos are: Our Patron, Glaucus Saraiva da Fonseca, Paixão Côrtes, Barbosa Lessa and the great Antônio Augusto Fagundes, among others.

Welcome to Porto Alegre and come to learn about the culture gaucha of southern of Brazil.

Our slogan, which was taken from a verse of poem "Chimarrão" the authors of Glaucus Saraiva, says: "It is the blood of thirty-five that comes back to me green."

Versão em Inglês/English version: Companheiro Jonathan Magalhães - CTG Saudade de Minha Terra, (USA).

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